Castlerock / InsulStone

InsulStone is a beautiful, durable, man made, insulated masonry stone veneer that does not require mortar or a mason to install. The interlocking panel design installs 5 to 10 times faster than the mortar methods and the installed InsulStone provides R-11 insulation over the treated area helping to reduce energy costs for the building. This unique design greatly speeds up the installation process and significantly reduces the mess and waste from the project. Because there is no mortar to mix InsulStone can be installed in any weather condition.

New to InsulStone is an expanded line of ceramic sidings in a wide range of colors and textures...
The interior version of InsulStone is a Peel & Stick version using only the masonry portion of the stone for a quick application that will match the exterior work. The handcrafted stone will provide years of service and is covered with a 20 year warranty.

The matching custom column and post products make the installation of these architectural features a breeze for almost any member of the crew or reasonably skilled homeowner familiar with a level and construction adhesive.

InsulStone offers a wide range of colors and stone styles with more coming all the time !!!