Redrock Wildland Fire Systems

Red Rock, based in Caldwell, Idaho is a developer and manufacturer of custom Wildland fire fighting equipment. This equipment is built to serve homeowners associations, rural volunteer fire departments, State and Federal agencies and anyone working or living where wildland fires may be of concern.

Red Rock’s Installed system is designed for the rural homeowner who needs an integrated system custom designed to help protect the home and outbuildings when needed. These installed systems can be as simple as a 3000 gallon tank installed below ground coupled with a propane fueled pump and a hose. Larger installed systems can be expanded to include post mounted water cannons coupled to a satellite based communication system complete with infra red sensors and TV cameras to remotely monitor and control the pump and fire protection systems. With proper controls in place the 3000 gallons can protect a home for up to 24 hours.

The 3000 Gallon tanks can be installed in tandem to support rainwater collection also if desired.

Remember: The cost of doing nothing may well be losing everything….